Working Behind the Scenes


In February, we attended the Georgia Organics Young Farmers mixer at Wrecking Bar Brew Pub. We caught up with old friends and met new growers taking advantage of the slow winter season.

As it started to warm up, Farmers Market season kicked off in early April. Holli has been at the Grant Park Farmers Market nearly every Sunday, taking comprehensive notes on what our region has available throughout the seasons and the weather that affects what’s growing.






During the heart of Spring, we joined Pigman Goods and friends for ramp foraging in North Georgia. If you had a meal with ramps from Kimball House, Octopus Bar or Wrecking Bar Brew Pub, they might have been the ones we picked!

After our landlord broke ground at the Beacon, we have enjoyed checking the construction’s progress while getting to know our neighbors at Eventide Brewery special release Thursdays.

In between all that fun stuff, we’ve been working towards the next step of permitting, and methodically choosing producers for dry goods to bring the best quality and responsible companies to our future shelves.