Market Research

333 page Unfi catalog

333 page Unfi catalog

Over the last 18 months, we honed a list of 65,000 line items to 650, sorting through cross-marketing and smoke and mirrors.

It’s murky out there. The corporate overlords’ labels are designed to fool you.

Our search filtered for a product’s relative distance from its producer, whole ingredients used and supply chain transparency, company size and ownership type, employee care, farmer relationships, fair wages, organic and non-GMO, sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, minority and female owned, convenience, packaging life-cycle, quality, value and cost, beauty, and of course, flavor.

There are more standards than local.

It may not be possible to always stock a perfect selection of unadulterated foods within this bottom-line driven FDA-approved food production system, but we might be able to help turn the ship around, starting with our approved list of 650 items.

Slow and steady.