We're Open!


The last year and a half has been a whirlwind of construction dust and bureaucratic red tape, sprinkled with little victories, and finished with a Grand Opening on January 15, 2019.

We watched the walls of our space go up, the rooms fill with equipment, and then the equipment fill with food. Looking back, it was a slow process. We accomplished a great deal to get this far, but a lot of our work could not have been completed without the help of several volunteers who made the traction happen cohesively and with just a little less stress.

Y’all know who you are; humbly, thank you so much for your help.

Now Third Street Goods is officially OPEN!

Come check out our growing inventory and say hi.

Market Research

333 page Unfi catalog

333 page Unfi catalog

Over the last 18 months, we honed a list of 65,000 line items to 650, sorting through cross-marketing and smoke and mirrors.

It’s murky out there. The corporate overlords’ labels are designed to fool you.

Our search filtered for a product’s relative distance from its producer, whole ingredients used and supply chain transparency, company size and ownership type, employee care, farmer relationships, fair wages, organic and non-GMO, sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, minority and female owned, convenience, packaging life-cycle, quality, value and cost, beauty, and of course, flavor.

There are more standards than local.

It may not be possible to always stock a perfect selection of unadulterated foods within this bottom-line driven FDA-approved food production system, but we might be able to help turn the ship around, starting with our approved list of 650 items.

Slow and steady.





Indoor Traction


At the beginning of this summer, two large projects finally met their end; building permits were issued and we finished the line-by-line research of the UNFI database. With our contractor moving forward and the opening order guide chosen, we are focusing our attention on the smaller cogs in the machine.

There's equipment to purchase, apply for a liquor license, and find our opening staff. There's smallwares and fixtures, bells and whistles, and a partridge in a pear tree.  There's furniture and decor, and tigers, lions and bears. There's cleaning services, alarm services, linen services, trash services, and thing-a-ma-bob's a plenty. No big deal.

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Working Behind the Scenes


In February, we attended the Georgia Organics Young Farmers mixer at Wrecking Bar Brew Pub. We caught up with old friends and met new growers taking advantage of the slow winter season.

As it started to warm up, Farmers Market season kicked off in early April. Holli has been at the Grant Park Farmers Market nearly every Sunday, taking comprehensive notes on what our region has available throughout the seasons and the weather that affects what’s growing.






During the heart of Spring, we joined Pigman Goods and friends for ramp foraging in North Georgia. If you had a meal with ramps from Kimball House, Octopus Bar or Wrecking Bar Brew Pub, they might have been the ones we picked!

After our landlord broke ground at the Beacon, we have enjoyed checking the construction’s progress while getting to know our neighbors at Eventide Brewery special release Thursdays.

In between all that fun stuff, we’ve been working towards the next step of permitting, and methodically choosing producers for dry goods to bring the best quality and responsible companies to our future shelves.

Summer In Review

Over the summer, Third Street Goods learned more facets of the food-service and hospitality industry. Kathryn held down the fort in Atlanta, volunteering with Adair Urban Farm, Little Leaf Farm, and Global Growers and baking and tending bar at The General Muir. Holli worked in San Antonio, Texas, fostering investor relations and researching bar and restaurant build-outs, management styles, and menu development. Upon her return to Atlanta, she continued to work with Doggy Dogg.

We fulfilled 205 rewards that included: 80 ‘gimmie the goods’ t-shirts, 65 ‘thank you’ grocery bags printed, 70 stickers, 50 buttons, 25 ‘groceries’ trucker hats, and 15 koozies!       [We will continue to fulfill Kickstarter rewards until September 30th, 2015, after which, items will no longer be available.]

Our goals for the year are to secure a location, menu collaboration with our backers, and build our inventory database.
We have a lot more work ahead of us and we plan to keep you informed. Thank you for your interest and continued support!

Kickstarter Rewards

Rewards were fulfilled on July 13th!

If you did not receive your reward selected during the campaign please

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Those with tickets to our Friends & Family -or- are receiving a private party do not apply. Third Street Goods will reach out to you regarding your event. We will continue to fulfill Kickstarter rewards until September 30th 2015, after which, items will no longer be available.


Holli & Kathryn